Has this club been treated fairly by WDC? Please sign petition!

We have started a petition!

Claire Pomfret/VP Tennis signed a 10 year agreement in 2016 based on new courts coming in 2018. Due to the WDC decision to use the courts as a media centre instead during the Commonwealth Games, we made the huge compromise of 3 instead of 10 new courts in 2020. The alternative in 2020 was being forced to close the club. This compromise was done on the basis that then VP Tennis could continue on the 10 new courts for the rest of their licence until 2026.
However, now, after VP Tennis has been left to manage failing courts for four years, with no compensation, WDC have announced a tender exercise based on a flawed appraisal of local tennis venues
Please, please sign, share and leave a comment on the petition about why you think the report and tender are unfair. Abbey Fields has already been excluded. Surely there’s no reason why VP can’t as well or the tender be pushed back until all sites are ready.
What else could we have done in the last 10 years apart from promote tennis on the safe courts that WDC have provided?